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Planning Application Search

This page enables you to search a list of planning applications from 1960 onwards. The information held relating to earlier applications is much briefer than for recent applications. From 1960 until 1985 the information is limited to details of the proposal, the location, the decision code and the decision date. From 1985 to late 1999, and then from 1999 to the present day, the information held gets progressively more comprehensive, with applications since 2007 containing all plans and documentation. You are able to search for applications based on application reference, address details or date determined.

The following information has been produced by North Warwickshire Borough Council for information purposes only. The Council is not responsible for any actions taken that are based on the content. Whilst every effort is made to achieve accuracy the authority cannot be responsible for guaranteeing it.

  • Tip:Please note that the % symbol can be used as a wildcard character
  • Tip:If you retrieve no results when searching by Application Reference, please make sure you have not added a space at the end of the Reference Number
  • Tip:To obtain the most recent applications only (from 2006 onwards) when searching by address, also type PAP in the Application Reference field

  • Common Decision Codes:
  • FAPG/OAPG/ARMG - Permission granted (often subject to conditions
  • FAPREF/OAPREF/ARMREF - Permission refused
  • WV - Valid application withdrawn
  • ADVCON - Advertisement Consent Granted
  • ADVREF - Advertisement Consent Granted
  • LAWISS - Certificate of Lawfulness Issued
  • LAWREF - Certificate of Lawfulness Refused
  • TPOG - Tree Preservation Order Consent Granted
  • TPOREF - Tree Preservation Order Consent Refused

  • Application Details

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    Applicant and Agent Details

    Important Dates

    Planning Application Appeals