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Planning Application Record

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The end period for an application's Public Consultation is normally 21 days after the Valid Date. This can be less for certain types of applications.

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Application Details
Reference number PAP/2019/0701
Old Reference Number
Portal Ref
Site Location Land Adjacent to Coleshill Manor Off South Drive


B46 1DF
Ward Coleshill North
Parish Coleshill
Eastings 417940.16
Northings 289307.33
Proposal The erection and operation of a landmark structure, with associated visitor centre and public open space (D2), together with ancillary essential development including dedicated car parking, landscaping, access road and services provisions (mixed use including D1, A1, A3, A4 and B1 facilities) to operate as a national memorial and to create a significant public art architectural feature
Received Date 20/12/2019
Valid Date 06/01/2020
Stat.Expiry Date 06/04/2020
Decision Decision Pending
Decision Date
Decision Level Planning & Development Board
Public Consultation Start Date 07/01/2020
Public Consultation End Date 31/01/2020
TPE Date
Case Officer Jeff Brown
Fee Paid 10164.00
Applicant Name
Agent name Turley  Mrs Fran Rowley 

23/12/2019: Application Form
23/12/2019: General Arrangment plan - 1614-GA-100_H
23/12/2019: Air Quality Assessment
23/12/2019: Arboricultural Impact Assessment
23/12/2019: Cover letter
23/12/2019: Crime Prevention Strategy
23/12/2019: Design and Access Statement - part 1
23/12/2019: Design and Access Statement - part 2
23/12/2019: Design and Access Statement - part 3
23/12/2019: Design and Access Statement - part 4
23/12/2019: Ecological Assessment
23/12/2019: EIA Screening Report
23/12/2019: Environmental Report A
23/12/2019: Environmental Report B
23/12/2019: FRA Drainage PART 1
23/12/2019: FRA Drainage PART 2.
23/12/2019: FRA Drainage PART 3
23/12/2019: Geoenvironmental Desk Study.
23/12/2019: Highways Safety Visual Assessment
23/12/2019: Historic Environment DBA
23/12/2019: Lighting Assessment
23/12/2019: LVIA Part 1.
23/12/2019: LVIA Part 2
23/12/2019: LVIA Part 3
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0001--SiteLocationPlan
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0610--ProposedGroundFloorPlan
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0611--ProposedRoofPlan
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0630--ProposedWestandNorthElevation
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0631--ProposedEastandSouthElevation.
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0640--ProposedLongSections
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0641--ProposedPartialSections
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0650--ProposedAxonometricView01.
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0651--ProposedAxonometricView02
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0652--ProposedAxonometricView03
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0653--ProposedAxonometricView04
23/12/2019:  P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0655--ProposedCGI.
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0656--ArtistsImpression 01
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0657--ArtistsImpression02.
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0658--ArtistsImpression03
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0659--ArtistsImpression04
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0660--ArtistsImpression05.
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0661--ArtistsImpression06
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0662--ArtistsImpression07.
23/12/2019: P712-SNUG-XX-XX-DR-A-0663--ArtistsImpression08.
23/12/2019: Planning Statement
23/12/2019: Social Inclusivity Statement.
23/12/2019: Statement of Community Engagement
23/12/2019: Sustainability and Energy Statement
23/12/2019: Topographical Survey
23/12/2019: Transport Assessment Part 1
23/12/2019: Transport Assessment Part 2
23/12/2019: Transport Assessment Part 3
23/12/2019: Utility Assessment Report
23/12/2019: Utility Survey
06/01/2020: Site image retrieved from GIS on 06/01/2020
24/01/2020: Archaeology Geophysical Survey Report
03/02/2020: Social and Economic Impacts