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Major Developments

This page displays all of the current applications which are regarded as major developments within the locality.

Major applications are often more complex than other forms of applications that the Council receive and require more extensive consultation with interested bodies and the public. As a result of dealing with a more complex series of issues, the applications can take slightly longer to determine and often the Council will undertake a series of negotiations to resolve technical issues relating to the proposed development. The applications shown below are those applications which are currently submitted to the Council for consideration, are valid and have not yet had a decision.

To find out more about any application, please click on the underlined text.

Reference NumberValid DateSite LocationProposed Development
PAP/2021/016323-03-2021 Manor Farm Main Road
Newton Regis

B79 0NA
Approval of reserved matters for the erection of 20 dwellings and associated detached garages, detached triple garage to serve Manor Farmhouse and associated works. Approval is sought for appearance, scale, layout and landscaping 
PAP/2021/014918-03-2021 Manor Farm Main Road
Newton Regis

B79 0NA
Variation of condition no: 5 & 27 of planning permission PAP/2017/0560 relating to delete reference to the retention of heritage buildings at the northern side of the development site marked deep purple. Condition 27 removed because it will be unnecessary should condition 5 be varied; in respect of Outline application for demolition of existing agricultural buildings and erection of up to 21 dwellings (Outline:access only) 
PAP/2020/061420-11-2020 Arc School Ansley Lane

Removal of temporary classroom, erection of a single storey building providing classrooms and changing accommodation, a new sports field, hard and soft landscaping, relocation of existing facilities and remodelled car parking, including footpath diversion 
PAP/2020/050125-09-2020 Proposed Electricity Substation Attleboro Lane

Water Orton

Installation of a 132kV primary substation compound, served by a new access road off Attleboro Lane and ancillary works 
PAP/2020/029519-06-2020 Land West Of Hams Hall Roundabout and south of
 Marsh Lane

Outline application for an overnight truck stop comprising 200 HGV spaces and associated facilities including fuel refuelling station, amenities building, electric vehicle charging points, staff and other car parking, and landscaping. Including details of vehicular access from Marsh Lane, all other matters reserved 
PAP/2020/024627-05-2020 Land Adjacent 15 Curlew Close

Erection of 34 affordable dwellings including associated landscaping, car parking and other ancillary works 
PAP/2020/015212-05-2020 Purley Chase Estate Pipers Lane

Erection of Mould Shop and concrete batching plant, workshops, offices and ancillary buildings and stockyards together with a landscaping mound as approved under PAP/2018/0483