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Major Developments

This page displays all of the current applications which are regarded as major developments within the locality.

Major applications are often more complex than other forms of applications that the Council receive and require more extensive consultation with interested bodies and the public. As a result of dealing with a more complex series of issues, the applications can take slightly longer to determine and often the Council will undertake a series of negotiations to resolve technical issues relating to the proposed development. The applications shown below are those applications which are currently submitted to the Council for consideration, are valid and have not yet had a decision.

To find out more about any application, please click on the underlined text.

Reference NumberValid DateSite LocationProposed Development
PAP/2020/050125-09-2020 Proposed Electricity Substation Attleboro Lane

Water Orton

Installation of a 132kV primary substation compound, served by a new access road off Attleboro Lane and ancillary works 
PAP/2020/048725-09-2020 Michael Drayton Middle School Church Road

CV10 0SZ
Variation of condition no:2 of planning permission PAP/2019/0599A relating to revised drawings for the layout and elevation to add a pharmacy proposal 
PAP/2020/047609-09-2020 Woodcorner Farm Green End Road

Variation of condition no:6 of planning permission PAP/2012/0272 (PAP/2005/5059) relating to consent to vary working hours to Monday - Friday 7.30am - 6.30pm, Saturday 9am - 3pm, Sunday 9am - 1pm, Bank Holidays 9am - 12pm 
PAP/2020/042007-08-2020 Land East Of Islington Farm Tamworth Road
Wood End

Outline application for residential development of up to 34 no. dwellings and associated works, with access being considered at outline stage  
PAP/2020/037523-07-2020 Polesworth Learning Centre High Street

B78 1DU
Variation of condition no: 2 of planning permission ref: PAP/2017/0425 dated 19/12/2018 relating to change in designs, in respect of conversion of The Old School Building to 3 no. dwelling houses, demolition of modern flat roofed buildings, construction of 9 no. dwelling houses and formation of new vehicular access 
PAP/2020/029519-06-2020 Land West Of Hams Hall Roundabout and south of
 Marsh Lane

Outline application for an overnight truck stop comprising 200 HGV spaces and associated facilities including fuel refuelling station, amenities building, electric vehicle charging points, staff and other car parking, and landscaping. Including details of vehicular access from Marsh Lane, all other matters reserved 
PAP/2020/028416-06-2020 Wood Farm Coppice Lane

B78 2BT
Replacement of existing outdoor menage with a new indoor menage, complete with new stables and visitor centre and ancillary parking and equipment storage 
PAP/2020/027102-06-2020 Units 2 and 3 Hams Hall Distribution Park (Former B Station) Rowan Way
Hams Hall

B46 1AL
Approval of Reserved Matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) for erection of two employment units (use class B2/B8) together with ancillary offices, service yards, car parking & on-plot landscaping. Amended access arrangements to plots DC2 and DC3  
PAP/2020/024627-05-2020 Land Adjacent 15 Curlew Close

Erection of 34 affordable dwellings including associated landscaping, car parking and other ancillary works 
PAP/2020/015212-05-2020 Purley Chase Estate Pipers Lane

Erection of Mould Shop and concrete batching plant, workshops, offices and ancillary buildings and stockyards together with a landscaping mound as approved under PAP/2018/0483 
Land At Crown Stables Nuneaton Road

Variation of condition no: 20 of planning permission ref: PAP/2015/0348 (APP/R3705/W/16/3158147 - dated 29/06/2017) relating to newts; in respect of erection of 40,001 bird broiler building and associated control room, feed silos, LPG tank, heat exchanger, hard-standing and attenuation pond 
PAP/2020/009725-02-2020 Yew Tree Cottage 114-116 Birmingham Road
Whitacre Heath

B46 2EP
Outline application for special needs buildings, gardens, parking and access drives; with access, appearance, layout and scale approved 
PAP/2019/070506-01-2020 Land West of Old Holly Lane


Erection of a multi-storey car park providing 485 vehicular spaces, and stopping up a section of Whittington Lane with a diverted private road introduced to retain two access and egress points for residents of the neighbouring farm and two residential dwellings to the West of the site. The development will constitute a change of use from existing agricultural use to vehicular parking to serve the existing B1 (a) office development 
PAP/2019/067913-12-2019 Land Opposite Delves Field Stables Boulters Lane
Wood End

Outline application for erection of 14 dwellings 
PAP/2019/067108-01-2020 Land Opposite Village Hall Station Road
Whitacre Heath

Outline application (access only) for the erection of up to 30 affordable dwellings 
PAP/2019/062113-11-2019 1 Trajan Hill

B46 1TZ
Approval of reserved matters for appearance, landscaping, scale and layout relating to erection of 20 dwellings with vehicular access 
PAP/2019/059922-11-2019 Michael Drayton Middle School Church Road

CV10 0SZ
Development of Full Application Medical centre with access road, parking and landscaping (A) and outline permission for residential development (B) - Hybrid application