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Major Developments

This page displays all of the current applications which are regarded as major developments within the locality.

Major applications are often more complex than other forms of applications that the Council receive and require more extensive consultation with interested bodies and the public. As a result of dealing with a more complex series of issues, the applications can take slightly longer to determine and often the Council will undertake a series of negotiations to resolve technical issues relating to the proposed development. The applications shown below are those applications which are currently submitted to the Council for consideration, are valid and have not yet had a decision.

To find out more about any application, please click on the underlined text.

Reference NumberValid DateSite LocationProposed Development
PAP/2019/053501-10-2019 Core 42 Business Park
Meridian Drive Dordon

Removal of conditions No: - 2 and 3 of PAP/2018/0558 relating to private access and kerb reinstatement in respect of approval of reserved matters of pursuant to outline permission PAP/2017/0532, for erection of 2 no: mixed use workshops/warehouse buildings 
PAP/2019/049610-09-2019 Proposed Wave Park Coleshill Manor Campus
South Drive

Recreational surfing centre and associated infrastructure 
PAP/2019/049806-09-2019 Polesworth High School Dordon Road

B78 1QT
Demolition of five existing school buildings, erection of replacement teaching block, associated landscaping and provision of a Multi Use Games Area.  
PAP/2019/048829-08-2019 Core 3
Core 42 Business Park Meridian Drive
B78 1TX
Erection of 2.4 metres boundary fence 
PAP/2019/048529-08-2019 Planters Garden Centre
Trinity Road Piccadilly
B78 2EX
Proposed extension to the sales area 
PAP/2019/045507-08-2019 The Belfry Hotel  Lichfield Road

B76 9PR
Demolition of existing nightclub and remodelling of existing golf course, erection of new hotel and leisure buildings, car parking and access works, replacement water treatment works and associated landscaping 
PAP/2019/032618-06-2019 Priory Farm Robeys Lane

B78 1AR
Outline application for demolition of 2 no: existing dwellings and erection of up to 10 dwellings (all matters reserved) 
PAP/2019/028224-05-2019 31 Plough Hill Road
Chapel End

CV10 0PJ
Demolition of 31 Plough Hill Road and erection of 5 no: detached (4 beds) pair of 3 bed semi, terrace of 1 no: 3 bed and 2no: 2 beds. Associated external works, new access from Plough Hill Road in approved position. As approved by appeal and subsequent approval in Outline (RM landscape only) by both NWBC PAP/2015/0699 and N&BBC (Site 25C009-land r/o 31, Plough Hill Road  
PAP/2019/026803-06-2019 Land South Of Stipers Hill

Change of use of land from agricultural to create equestrian facility comprising paddock, hay barn & stables menage & horse walker/trainer 
PAP/2019/023629-04-2019 Land Adjacent 32 Church Road

Outline application for the erection of 22 new dwellings (comprising 14 open market and 8 affordable homes) 
PAP/2019/022823-04-2019 Land North East of Sewage Works Carlyon Road


Erection of an industrial/distribution facility (use class B1(c)/ B2/B8) including ancillary offices and associated access, car parking and landscaping 
PAP/2019/018004-04-2019 Britannia Works Coleshill Road

Erection of 70 apartments (use class C3) with extra care provision 
PAP/2019/015912-04-2019 Land at Delves Farm to rear of 21a-33 Boulters Lane
Wood End

Approval of reserved matters for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline application for erection of 14 dwellings and discharge of conditions 5, 7 & 8 of PAP/2016/0686 for access and visibility, construction method statement and water supplies and fire hydrants 
PAP/2019/014419-03-2019 Coppice Garden Centre Limited Coppice Lane

B78 2BU
Replacement of existing polytunnels with building for use as a garden centre workshop area and lifestyle and well-being activity class; together with proposed open-sided covered walkways and proposed glazed-in canopy extension 
PAP/2019/013007-03-2019 Land Rear Of 29 To 49 Little Warton Road

Approval of reserved matters for the erection of 56 dwellings and associated works 
PAP/2019/002221-01-2019 Land North East Of Manor Farm Buildings Main Road

Outline application for a residential development of 24 dwellings, all matters are reserved except for access 
PAP/2018/075509-01-2019 Land to east of Former Tamworth Golf Course North of Tamworth Road - B5000 and west of M42

Outline application - Demolition of all existing buildings and construction of up to 1540 dwellings (including a 100 bed unit extra care home) a community hub (up to 2,250m2 of gross floorspace for use class A1-A5, B1a-B1b, D1 and D2) a two form entry primary school, the provision of green infrastructure comprising playing fields and sports pavilion, formal and informal open space, children's play areas, woodland planting and habitat creation, allotments, walking and cycling routes, sustainable drainage infrastructure, vehicular access and landscaping 
PAP/2018/068626-11-2018 Kingsbury Hall Coventry Road

Hybrid planning application comprising 1) Full planning application for the restoration and conversion of Kingsbury Hall and outbuildings to A3, C1 and D2 use classes; 2) Outline planning application (all matters reserved except access) for a high-dependency care centre of up to 4,565sq mtrs (use class C2) and 81 dwellings for over 55s (use class C3) 
PAP/2018/066105-12-2018 Land 225m South Of Lakeside Industrial Park Marsh Lane
Water Orton

Resubmission - Change of use from greenbelt to grazing including a block of stables with tack and store. Land to be divided using temporary cattle fencing