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Major Developments

This page displays all of the current applications which are regarded as major developments within the locality.

Major applications are often more complex than other forms of applications that the Council receive and require more extensive consultation with interested bodies and the public. As a result of dealing with a more complex series of issues, the applications can take slightly longer to determine and often the Council will undertake a series of negotiations to resolve technical issues relating to the proposed development. The applications shown below are those applications which are currently submitted to the Council for consideration, are valid and have not yet had a decision.

To find out more about any application, please click on the underlined text.

Reference NumberValid DateSite LocationProposed Development
PAP/2020/002027-01-2020 Land North West Of Newton Regis Village Hall Austrey Lane
Newton Regis

Outline application for the erection of 9 dwellings, re-surfacing, line marking and replacement lighting of village hall car park, access alterations to the village hall car park and associated works (all matters reserved except for access) 
PAP/2019/070506-01-2020 Land West of Old Holly Lane


Erection of a multi-storey car park providing 485 vehicular spaces, and stopping up a section of Whittington Lane with a diverted private road introduced to retain two access and egress points for residents of the neighbouring farm and two residential dwellings to the West of the site. The development will constitute a change of use from existing agricultural use to vehicular parking to serve the existing B1 (a) office development 
PAP/2019/070008-01-2020 Coleshill Leisure Centre Park Road

B46 3LA
Variation of condition no:2 of planning permission PAP/2018/0030 relating to amendment of the mix and type of units; in respect of demolition of existing leisure centre and construction of twenty three new dwellings and ancillary site works 
PAP/2019/070106-01-2020 Land Adjacent to Coleshill Manor Off South Drive


B46 1DF
The erection and operation of a landmark structure, with associated visitor centre and public open space (D2), together with ancillary essential development including dedicated car parking, landscaping, access road and services provisions (mixed use including D1, A1, A3, A4 and B1 facilities) to operate as a national memorial and to create a significant public art architectural feature 
PAP/2019/068606-01-2020 Bentley House Nursing Home Twenty One Oaks

Extension to existing care home to accommodate 28 new bedrooms with associated ensuites and storage 
PAP/2019/068516-12-2019 Wathen Grange School Church Walk

Conversion and extension of former school building plus erection of new building to provide 27 dwellings, access and associated parking plus demolition of existing single storey outbuildings 
PAP/2019/067913-12-2019 Land Opposite Delves Field Stables Boulters Lane
Wood End

Outline application for erection of 14 dwellings 
PAP/2019/067108-01-2020 Land Opposite Village Hall Station Road
Whitacre Heath

Outline application (access only) for the erection of up to 30 affordable dwellings 
PAP/2019/062113-11-2019 1 Trajan Hill

B46 1TZ
Approval of reserved matters for appearance, landscaping, scale and layout relating to erection of 20 dwellings with vehicular access 
PAP/2019/059922-11-2019 Michael Drayton Middle School Church Road

CV10 0SZ
Development of Medical centre with access road, parking and landscaping and outline permission for residential development - Hybrid application 
PAP/2019/049610-09-2019 Proposed Wave Park Coleshill Manor Campus
South Drive

Recreational surfing centre and associated infrastructure 
PAP/2019/049806-09-2019 Polesworth High School Dordon Road

B78 1QT
Demolition of five existing school buildings, erection of replacement teaching block, associated landscaping and provision of a Multi Use Games Area.  
PAP/2019/048529-08-2019 Planters Garden Centre
Trinity Road Piccadilly
B78 2EX
Proposed extension to the sales area 
PAP/2019/032618-06-2019 Priory Farm Robeys Lane

B78 1AR
Outline application for demolition of 2 no: existing dwellings and erection of up to 10 dwellings (all matters reserved) 
PAP/2019/013007-03-2019 Land Rear Of 29 To 49 Little Warton Road

Approval of reserved matters for the erection of 50 dwellings and associated works