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Major Developments

This page displays all of the current applications which are regarded as major developments within the locality.

Major applications are often more complex than other forms of applications that the Council receive and require more extensive consultation with interested bodies and the public. As a result of dealing with a more complex series of issues, the applications can take slightly longer to determine and often the Council will undertake a series of negotiations to resolve technical issues relating to the proposed development. The applications shown below are those applications which are currently submitted to the Council for consideration, are valid and have not yet had a decision.

To find out more about any application, please click on the underlined text.

Reference NumberValid DateSite LocationProposed Development
PAP/2017/051014-09-2017 Unit 10 & Unit 10a Station Road
Station Road Ind Estate

B46 1HT
Variation of condition no: 17 of planning permission ref: PAP/2015/0525 relating to delivery times; in respect of demolition of existing buildings and provision of new food and retail store (use class A1)  
PAP/2017/049308-09-2017 Shortwoods Day Centre The Shortwoods

B78 1TP
Variation of condition no:2 of planning permission PAP/2015/0383 relating to plans, elevations, lightwell and cladding; in respect of demolition of existing building and construction of new supported housing for residents with learning difficulties/physical disabilities/mental health (21 no:- self-contained apartments and 6 no: shared living bedrooms) 
PAP/2017/048404-09-2017 Land at Rush Lane

Erection of pallet business (class B2) comprising of manufacture and repair unit, re-processing shed, sorting shelter, covered pallet store and storage yard, ancillary offices and car parking. A new access is proposed from Rush Lane 
PAP/2017/048306-09-2017 Hill Top Farm Church Lane

Outline application with access and all other matters reserved for a residential development of 23 no: detached and semi detached 1, 2 and 2.5 storey dwellings 
PAP/2017/047130-08-2017 Land East of 68 Vicarage Lane
Water Orton

Variation of condition no's: 3 and 30 of planning permission ref: PAP/2016/0709 relating to events that may not be rugby in nature and opening hours; in respect of Relocation of Rugby club, new clubhouse with clubroom and changing facilities, playing pitches for Senior and Junior Rugby with flood lighting to one pitch and associated parking for cars and coaches with access road 
PAP/2017/045824-08-2017 Land South of Berry House Gypsy Lane

Variation of condition no:- 9 of planning permission PAP/2015/0745 relating to landscaping; in respect of residential development (14 houses) with an improved access and new road 
PAP/2017/042507-08-2017 Polesworth Learning Centre High Street

B78 1DU
Conversion of the Old School Building to 3 no. dwellinghouses, demolition of modern flat roof buildings, construction of 8 no. detached dwellinghouses and formation of new vehicular access 
PAP/2017/041031-07-2017 Land to north of Overwoods Road

B77 5NQ
Approval of reserved matters for Phase 1 (Plots 1-26 inclusive) for access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale following outline application for erection of 88 no. dwellings and associated works (PAP/2014/0181)  
PAP/2017/041310-08-2017 Land north of  Grendon Road

B78 1NT
Erection of 44 dwellings with landscaping, access and associated works 
PAP/2017/039426-07-2017 Former B Station Site Faraday Ave
Hams Hall

Approval of reserved matters for infrastructure works including demolition of existing buildings, earthworks and site re-profiling including the importation of materials to raise site levels, provision of access from Faraday Avenue and Canton Lane, installation of drainage and services and structural landscaping 
PAP/2017/038419-07-2017 Land Rear of 66 To 71 Arden Forest Estate
Ridge Lane

Erection of 12 houses plus associated access and landscaping 
PAP/2017/035206-07-2017 Land East of St Lawrence Road

Outline application - erection of up to 70 dwellings with details of access, layout, scale, appearance and landscaping as reserved matters 
PAP/2017/033929-06-2017 Land South East Of M42 Junction 10 Trinity Road

Approval of reserved matters for appearance, landscaping, layout and scale relating to "Phase 1" of development principally addressing land west of Trinity Road, and also a corridor of land immediately to the east of Trinity Road 
PAP/2017/034002-08-2017 Land Between  Rush Lane and Tamworth Road

Outline application for erection of up to 165 dwellings, public open space, landscaping, sustainable urban drainage and associated infrastructure - all matters reserved except access 
PAP/2017/032926-06-2017 The Belfry Hotel Lichfield Road

B76 9PR
Outline application for extensions and alterations to the existing buildings to create a new self-contained water entertainment area; enhanced conference and banqueting facilities; a new spa, hotel rooms and conference space 
PAP/2017/030320-06-2017 RS Fleet Units 1-3 Roman Way


B46 1HG
Demolition of single storey office and construction of two storey call centre 
PAP/2017/027807-06-2017 Land at Nuneaton Road

Outline application for erection of up to 115 dwellings with public open space, landscaping and sustainable drainage system (Suds) and vehicular access point from Nuneaton Road. All matters reserved except for means of access 
PAP/2017/025725-05-2017 Land Opposite Woodhouse Farm Robeys Lane

Outline application for the erection of up to 500 dwellings, the provision of green infrastructure comprising formal and informal open space, children's play area, woodland planting and habitat creation, allotments, walking and cycling routes, sustainable drainage infrastructure and vehicular access 
PAP/2017/023710-05-2017 Land Rear Of 1 To 6 Copeland Close

Approval of reserved matters for the erection of 30 dwellings with associated access, parking and landscaping 
PAP/2017/020225-04-2017 Land Rear of 29 to 49 Little Warton Road

Outline application for erection of up to 56 no: dwellings and associated works, including the demolition of 47 Little Warton Lane (outline:point of access) 
PAP/2017/015712-04-2017 Blythways Blythe Road

B46 1AH
Outline application for the erection of up to 40 no: dwellings (class C3) following demolition of existing residential development and outbuildings to include details of layout and access off Church Hill and Blythe Road, and appearance, landscaping and scale to be reserved.  
PAP/2017/015620-04-2017 Land South of Dairy House Farm (Phase 2) Spon Lane

Outline application for erection of residential dwellings with associated access 
PAP/2017/015031-03-2017 Former Ansley Social Club & 144 Birmingham Road

CV10 9PQ
Outline application (all matters reserved) for the demolition of former social club and residential dwelling and the erection of up to 10 dwellings, along with associated open space and drainage infrastructure 
PAP/2017/010805-04-2017 24-26 Atherstone Road

CV10 0SP
Outline Application - demolition of existing industrial building and construction of 10 dwellings with associated access and parking 
PAP/2017/010409-03-2017 Land 260m South East Of Northbound Smorrall Lane

Change of use of land to HGV parking incorporating associated infrastructure and works 
PAP/2016/073804-01-2017 Land rear of Ansley United Reform Church Birmingham Road

Phase 2 development, erection of 15 dwellings